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Relationships and Sex Education

At Great Abington Primary School, we are committed to ensuring the children are given the opportunities to learn about and explore the world around them. One of the vital ways we do this at school is by implementing a robust and purposeful Relationships and Sex Education Programme. The Programme we follow has RESPECTFUL RELATIONSHIPS at the heart of it. Be it online, face to face, in between ourselves and known or unknown people, in familiar contexts or new situations, the children are taught specific vocabulary and age appropriate strategies in order to support them to be respectful citizens of the world.


If you have any questions or would like to speak with school staff confidentially then please contact us via the office

The Structure of our RSE Lessons

Although a range of areas covered by the RSE umbrella are embedded throughout the year through our diverse and wide reaching curriculum, it is important to note that specific RSE topics, particularly those of a sensitive nature, are taught more discretely. This is done to ensure the children are given the correct information, and staff are confident that children are secure in their ability to keep themselves safe. 


All discrete topics are started with an activity (provided by our Programme) that give the children the chance to share their knowledge and understanding. These are designed to enable children to be mature, honest and open about their understanding, and are done in age appropriate ways. Following this, each class teacher will teach the topic with the Programme materials and resources that have been specially designed by local authority experts in the area. The nature of Great Abington means that the respectful relationships that teachers and pupils form throughout the year ensure children's misconceptions are identified and corrected in a caring and understanding way. 


Staff are given regular training and up to date, age appropriate resources to ensure they are confident in having these imperative discussions with the children.