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Helping Your Child at Home (COVID-19)
With the School Closed for Education we have utilised Google Classroom for pupils from Year 2 to Year 6 as this is part of our Google Education Suite of tools and provides a safe and functional learning | wellbeing area for our pupils. The following online support resource will support you in working with your child(ren):

Google Classroom Support Page

Teach from Home Resource Hub from Google for Education (for Teachers but parents / carers will find it useful!)

If you need any support please do contact the school through the usual channel: office email or the website form.


Easter Activity Support (COVID-19) - red text below are links
Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5

Learning activities  

accessed Through Tapestry

Apps: IOS | Android

Topics to Explore:

Inventors | Space

Artists | Cities & Countries

Subject Activity Ideas

Get creative and be curious

Subject Activity Ideas

Get creative and be curious

Subject Activity Ideas

Get creative and be curious


Building blocks

At Great Abington we work in partnership with you to create: curious, resilient, inquisitive, independent pupils who relish challenge. They need to engaged in all aspects of school life from the enriched curriculum to the extra curricular clubs. Please do come and talk to us if at any stage you are concerned about the outcomes being achieved by your child(ren). In partnership we can overcome any barriers that inhibit pupils learning and feeling safe within school. The two main areas we need your support with are: reading and developing curiosity


We have developed a core maths pack for parents / carers which support the early development and embedding of mathematical concepts. Below is our maths calculation policy. This document includes of the different strategies we teach. Do talk to Mr. Richards (Maths leader) for further information.

Do inform us (contact us page) of any ideas you have for helping your child at home. 

RSA ANIMATE: How To Help Every Child Fulfil Their Potential

Ever wondered why children say they're bored at school, or why they stop trying when the work gets harder? Educationalist Carol Dweck explains how the wrong kind of praise actually *harms* young people. This short video is essential viewing for EVERYONE - from teachers and education workers to relatives and friends. At Great Abington we embrace challenge for all and use our values to support our pupils in being lifelong learners!

Times Tables Rockstars Login Times Tables Rock Stars is a carefully sequenced programme of daily times tables practice. (PTFA Funded)

The following APPs can be used on your Smartphone / Tablet: Amazon | Android | APPLE IOS


Support for Spelling offers the opportunity to practise spellings linked to particular spelling rules (for Y2, Y3/4 and Y5/6). All words are read aloud and provided within a sentence for context.

Helping embed Values Education
Our school values:  respect, caring, understanding, motivation, resilience, confidence, honesty, cooperation
and responsibility

Values education is at the heart of everything we do at Great Abington Primary School.   To help you  develop an understanding of Values Education, we intend to build a library of information in the documents lists below.   All documents relating to Values begin with "VBE".   There is also a link below to the official website of the Values Based Education organisation here - VBE Website.   We hope you enjoy finding out more about this area which is central to life at Great Abington School.


BBC & Premier League Super Movers

BBC and the Premier League launch Super Movers campaign to get primary school children active