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Great Abington Primary School


We want all our pupils to be enthused by their learning and equipped to play their part, now and in the future, as informed and engaged citizens of their local community, nation and world.


Therefore the Great Abington Curriculum:


  • Is underpinned by quality texts - since we believe that reading throughout the curriculum is vital
  • Provides explicit opportunities to teach, discuss and deploy subject specific vocabulary
  • Aims to foster and celebrate curiosity about the past, present and future
  • Provides challenge for all and and equitable opportunities for enrichment, within school, through home learning and via external visits
  • Involves parents, the wider community and partnerships to enhance and support pupils' learning
  • Makes connections to real life and ensures audience and purpose are considered
  • Provides rich opportunities for children to explore their learning through a wide variety of physical, practical and creative activities
  • Maximises cross-curricular links, ensuring the quality of the subject-specific learning is retained
  • Takes advantage of learning outdoors, in a range of contexts, supporting pupil well-being, developing life skills and nature connection, and underpinning understanding of sustainability issues
  • Harnesses technological opportunities
  • Uses assessment to encourage, guide and evaluate the progress and next steps for all pupils.
  • Effectively prepares our pupils for the next stage of their learning
  • Is underpinned by our core school values and helps children to develop personal confidence and character through taking on challenges, collaborating with others and achieving success


Class pages contain termly curriculum offers and an accompanying letter: Class 1 | Class 2 | Class 3 | Class 4 | Class 5