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Great Abington Primary School

Our School Vision and our Values

Our Vision 

Curiosity is at the beating heart of our school. We enquire, experience and talk to develop and understand. Collaboratively we question objects, ideas, systems, decisions and evidence. We embrace challenge and understand that it is an integral part of the learning journey. Enriching lives through language and opportunity shapes our ambition for all - this happens inside and outside the school building with equal motivation. Equipping our community with the tools to support every pupils development is vital, and is why relationships are the central pillar of all that we do at Great Abington Primary. The values below provide the tools and frameworks for us to thrive and ensure all pupils leave us ready for the next stage of their development.


Our School Values

At the heart of our school philosophy are our nine core values: respect, responsibility, resilience, cooperation, caring, confidence, honesty, understanding and motivation.  We integrate teaching the values throughout all lessons and our wide range of sporting, cultural and arts based enrichment activities. By working together children have opportunities to cooperate, to be resilient in overcoming challenge and to take responsibility for contributing to a team effort. Pupils are expected to show our values through their actions and words. Our provision provides pupils with opportunities to demonstrate the values. Our ambitions and expectations require all pupils to use the values throughout the school day. Increasingly we are seeing our values used outside school and for parents / carers they provide a framework for family conversations. We are an accredited school that has been awarded the VBE IVET School's Quality Mark and we have led sessions on the impact values have on pupils outcomes. The relationships between the home, school community and pupils are crucial to all values. 
We often describe our school as being like an extended family. Our size means that we can all learn each others’ names and get to know everyone. To encourage children to develop a caring attitude towards younger pupils, all children become part of one of our school families, the Badgers, Foxes, Rabbits, Moles and Squirrels.   Family groups meet together regularly to share reading sessions, carry out activities and to discuss issues to put forward at School Council. This system helps us to give all our children a chance to have their say in aspects of school life. Recently our Google infrastructure has enabled all pupils to collaborate simultaneously on key school development plan areas. 


We are every proud of how our values shape our pupil outcomes and our Twitter feed showcases a selection of our achievements. Please do feel free to contact us if you would like any further information or would like to arrange a visit.

Promoting British Values through Our School Values