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Linton Cluster and South Cambridgeshire District

We work very closely with our partner cluster schools with regular Headteacher meetings, moderation activities, shared projects, school visits and resource sharing. The South Cambridgeshire District Team supports our extensive pastoral and welfare work around Early Help Assessments, Attendance, Family Support, Parent / Carer programmes as well as extended services around Educational Psychology and Therapeutic services.





Learning is for our whole school community - the following projects with the University of Cambridge engage our pupils, staff and wider community. We are all lifelong learners at Great Abington Primary School.


Promoting Quality and Equity: A Dynamic Approach to School Improvement (DASI)

An evidence based approach to improving pupil outcomes. As a school we are working with the team on lunchtime provision and empowering pupils with our embedded Values.


Psychology Study on Tool Use and Problem Solving Puzzles

A new study that is investigating children's understanding of how the world works and the relationship between cause and effect.

At Great Abington this project aims to provide insight into the development of this ability in young children aged 4 to 8.


Social Play Research Project - the role of play and playfulness in young children’s learning and development

The Centre for Research on Play in Education, Development and Learning (PEDAL) is a new Research Centre funded by the Lego FoundationThe Centre is working with Great Abington Primary School to carry out research on the developmental emergence of pretend play, social skills, social competence and peer relationships in young children as they start their school journey. Children of Class 1 will take part and be tracked over the next three years.


Pretend Play and Counterfactual Reasoning in the First Years of Primary School - the link between pretend play and counterfactual reasoning

The University is working with Great Abington to support a research project that aims to explore an observed link between children’s pretend play tendencies and their ability to engage in counterfactual reasoning. Counterfactual reasoning is the ability to think of possible ways a situation or an experience could have turned out differently.




Classics for All

Our partnership with Classics for All has supported us embed Latin as our language option for key stage 2 pupils at Great Abington Primary. Support for quality teaching and learning resources plus specialist training has enabled us to take on board this exciting curriculum area that supports not only language development but grammar, vocabulary and spelling. 




Specialist Teaching and enrichment

Our partnership with The Leys School enables us to enrich our curriculum and develop specialism in core areas. For this year specialist teachers are providing excellence in dance, hockey, rugby, tennis and cricket. This will prepare our pupils for competitions and improve outcomes for all pupils. Department leads will be providing personalised training and development opportunities on agility and movement as well as core games skills aligned to our curriculum. Our Year 6 pupils will be working alongside the performance director on a three session Shakespeare project analysing and drawing inspiration from Romeo and Juliet. Staff are also working with our Year 3 to Year 6 pupils on Pupil First Aid.


ARCC Innovations

Our partnership with ARCC Innovations is supporting our oldest pupils to widen their horizons and gain an insight into the design process. Experiencing first hand the stages involved and the values needed by creative designers to see through a project is invaluable and will support all our pupils with their life choices as they move through education.   




World leaders in Science and Engineering - Granta Park and TWI

Ambition for our pupils means opportunities to experience the best people and expand horizons. Being part of the community through events and outreach work enables pupils to understand and appreciate how curiosity, resilience, creativity, responsibility and challenge impact on innovative companies every day. Chocolate welding with TWI, site tours, hosting for the Abington 10k, logistical support for high quality printing are just some of the ways we are supported so well by Granta Park.

Working with Google Partners such as Getech and the ICT Service (Cambridgeshire) we are providing tools that enable pupils and the wider community to solve problems and collaborate. The staff and Governing Body teams are developing innovative ways to use technology to drive efficiency and communication.