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Useful Information

Weather - helping you choose the appropriate uniform for the day and week ahead

To support you ensure your child is wearing the right clothing please check the following weather sites: Accuweather (Hildersham) | BBC Weather (Hildersham). Also please do remember our uniform policy to support equity across all pupils. The link to the website is above.


NHS guidance on medical conditions and attending School

Useful websites to support you in deciding whether your child(ren) should attend school. Please do speak with us if you are unsure about illness and attendance.

Bike Shelter Access | Car Park Access

Online resources that have relevance for our community of parents and carers.

Please do let us know of any useful websites that we can share.

Walking Independently to and from School

Great Abington recommends that this life skill is developed during Year 6 as we begin transition processes for pupils moving to Year 7 and Secondary Education. If you wish your child to walk to and from school during Year 6 or before Year 6 then please complete the following form advising us that this is your parent / carer decision. The days and times your child is walking independently will be kept within our management information system and your child's profile flagged Yes with regard to walking independently to and from school.

We have resources on road safety that are designed to support your conversations and support for your children. 

Transition Support for Year 6 Families

Please find below documentation and weblinks to support transition to Year 7. We all know this is an exciting transition but with natural anxieties and challenges. Our close cooperation with our main feeder Linton Village College and other schools ensures that this process is positive for all.