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Road Safety

Please use this page to support you and your family keep safe on and around our roads. We are really thinking about our values of responsibility, cooperation, understanding and caring when we think about keeping safe around our roads.


If you have any suggestions for content on this page then please do speak with your class teacher or Mr. Underwood.

Road Safety Week: Speed matters with Maddie Moate

Speed matters with Maddie Moate was created by Brake, the road safety charity. This short film is aimed at helping children explain how and why they view roads differently and why it is so important for drivers to keep their speed down in places where people live. It gives a simple introduction to kinetic energy and stopping distances, and ends with the children talking about what they would like grown-ups to do to help keep them safe near roads.

Road Ready Expect the Unexpected - THINK Campaign - Department for Transport

In this film, CITV presenter, Sam Homewood, encourages children to be ‘road ready’ and be safe on the road.