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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governors' section of the website. 


The Governing Body consists of local people who have an active interest in the school as parents, staff, or as members of the local community. Parent Governors are elected by parents and other governors are either appointed by the local authority or co-opted on the recommendation of the governors. It is a voluntary role and we are always keen to encourage new governors.


The Governors’ role at the school is to help make the strategic decisions to move the school forward. In addition, the Governors scrutinize the work of the school, particularly the standards of achievement, to ensure the school is effectively educating the pupils and preparing them for their futures. We do this both through our regular full governors’ meetings or as committees and by regular visits into school to look at different aspects of the curriculum.  In order to carry out our role effectively, we have separate committees to oversee the leadership and management of the school. These include Resources, and Learning Teaching & Standards.

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured and what we have worked with the school on over the last year. 

The Governing Body at Great Abington Primary School

* denotes a parent Governor who you will usually see on site at drop off and pickup


Rachel Clay

Chair of Governors

(FGB, Safeguarding, Learning, Teaching and Standards, Strategy)

Mark Carter

Chair of Governors

(FGB, Resources, Strategy and Learning Teaching & Standards)

Matthew Norton *

Vice Chair of Governors

(FGB and Learning Teaching & Standards)

Will Earl

Chair: Learning Teaching

& Standards

(FGB and Learning Teaching & Standards)

Sally Phipps *

Chair of Resources

(FGB, Resources and Learning Teaching & Standards)

Tony Orgee

Full Governor

(FGB, Learning Teaching & Standards and SEN)

Jess Robinson

Full Governor (Staff)

(FGB and Learning Teaching & Standards)

Elena Gontarz *

Associate Governor

(Finance Support)

Neil Larkin *

Full Governor

(FGB and Learning Teaching & Standards)


Caroline Newgreen

Full Governor

(FGB and Learning Teaching & Standards)

Matt Davies *

Full Governor

FGB and Learning Teaching & Standards)

Kate Brown *

Full Governor

(FGB and Resources)

Emma Presland

Clerk of Governors - communication 

(FGB Meetings)



Alan Cooke

Full Governor

(Health & Safety)

(FGB and Resources)


Guy Underwood

Full Governor


(FGB, Safeguarding, Strategy, Resources and Learning Teaching & Standards)