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Great Abington Primary School

Who's Who

Outline of roles and responsibilities for our dedicated caring and inspiring staff team. If you have any questions please do come and talk to us at school.
Name: Role: Responsibilities:
Guy Underwood Headteacher

Designated Safeguarding Lead | School Council

Staff development | Assessment | PE Lead

Jill Carter Deputy Headteacher | C1 Teacher

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Inclusion Leader (SENCo | EMA | EAL)

EYFS & KS1 Leader

Alison Gray C2 Teacher  
Laura Lungley

C5 & C2 Teacher (Tuesday)

C4 & C3 Teacher (Wednesday)

RE Leader | Pupil Premium Lead

Helen Colchester C3 Teacher Humanities Leader | Spelling Leader | Philosophy Leader
Chris Richards C4 Teacher

Maths & Computing Leader

Educational Enrichment

Caroline Barker C5 Teacher

English & Science Leader

KS2 Leader

Glenis Todd Music Teacher Music Assembly | School Orchestra | School Choir | Events
Nicky Pearl

C1 Teaching Assistant

Midday Supervisor in dinner hall

Paediatric First Aider

ELKLAN specialist

Beatrix Spencer

C2 Teaching Assistant (AM)

Midday Supervisor in dinner hall

Paediatric First Aider
Karen Johnson

C4 & 2 Teaching Assistant

Playleader at lunchtime

Paediatric First Aider

ELKLAN specialist

Paula Harper

C1 Teaching Assistant

Lead Playleader at lunchtime

First Aider

Georgi Blyth

C3 Teaching Assistant

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Paediatric First Aider

First Class at Number specialist

Reading Wise specialist


Polly Merryweather C5 Teaching Assistant (AM) Maths Mastery
Ollie Waterson

Sports Assistant

Paediatric First Aider

Emma Presland Administrative Lead Admissions | Communication | Enrichment | Health & Safety | Finance | Human Resources | Fire Testing
Anita Turner Lunchtime Supervisor  
Katie Mannion Lunchtime Supervisor  
Lesley Lane Lunchtime Supervisor  
Michelle Smith School Caterer - employed by T(n)S School meals | Cookery club
Cathy Howes Catering Assistant - employed by T(n)S School meals
Alina Ruziene



Site tidiness / safety for staff and pupils

School site cleanliness