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Great Abington Primary School

Sports Day 2008

This year we had two Sports Days - one on the afternoon of Thursday 3rd July for field events including throwing and jumping where the five family groups competed to see who could accumulate the most points. On the following afternoon we held our traditional track event Sports Day which included sprints and distance running as well as hoops and sack races. To complete the family group competition relay races were held - bean bags for KS1 and a sprint relay for KS2. It was a close fought competition finally won by the Foxes.


Getting ready........

The whole school warm-up
Distance races
Sprint races starting with the Reception children
KS1 children raced through hoops......
.....and KS2 children took part in the sack race
which wasn't always as easy as it looked!
Beanbags for KS1
Traditional baton-passing relay for KS2
The Foxes family group won the sports trophy