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Outdoor Learning Project 2022

Our vision is for every child who leaves Great Abington to be knowledgeable and understand about biodiversity, climate change, food production (growing) and how nature impacts well-being. Through partnerships, curriculum change and our values we can realise this ambitious outcome for all. 


The Outdoor Learning Project is the first major community project initiated at the School since the acquisition of additional land over 10 years ago. The proposed location for the project is on this land opposite the Annex entrance. The aim is that the first phase of the project will be completed during the Summer holidays 2022 with the second, planting phase completed in the Autumn. In addition, alongside this project, secure bike sheds are planned at the end of the space adjoining the recreation ground where the new pump track will be built prior to Easter 2022.

This ambitious project includes a growing area with a greenhouse (special toughened glass!), raised beds and a mini orchard. Water and electricity services will be provided. There will also be earth mounds, logs, a living willow structure, large boulders, mature trees, a fire pit, benches and much more. For details and plans of the project please refer to the PDF Slide deck below.