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A King is Born - C1 and C2 Nativity 2017

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils performed three amazing shows for parents, carers, community members, KS2 and Pre-school showing an abundance of motivation, cooperation and responsibility. Learning eight songs, creating dances (pupil led) and speaking clearly in our hall space required real focus and the pupils delivered each time. Below are a selection of photographs of the talented children who should all be very proud of their collective contribution to this festive event.

Motivation, cooperation & resilience on display at Cluster Fun Run 2017

Great Abington hosted the annual 2k Cluster Fun Run and what a race in the sweltering heat. All 100 cluster pupils (20 per school) were heroes as they competed through Great and Little Abington. An amazing job by the organising team, Marshals and the PTFA ensured that competitors were safe and the wider community enjoyed a great event. It was a resounding "YES!" for a Cluster Fun Run 2018. Thank you Iain Sainsbury for the images.

Super singing at Linton Cluster Y1 Music Festival

Great Abington Y1 Pupils performed "Bare Necessities" at the Y1 Music Festival hosted by Linton Infants. Motivation, cooperation and Respect on display!

Cooperation & confidence on display by all

Five members of staff show confidence in Mike Mullins abilities cooperating in his centre piece trick jump! How many more members of staff could have volunteered...?

Cambridge Camera Club Annual Exhibition 2017

We are very proud of our first ever Great Abington photography club and the amazing images taken by our young photographers! As one of only two Primary schools to be asked to enter the exhibition / competition our amazing community cooperated showing motivation, resilience and care. Governors, staff and community members joined Jonathan Warren (parent) who planned and delivered the 6 week course. We will look to run another club in the Autumn term and plan to exhibit the images in The Institute during Summer 2017.

County Cross Country Run at St Neots

Wednesday 19th April 2017 - Our amazing running squad demonstrated our Values of motivation, resilience, cooperation and confidence as they ran 1200m each around Priory Park, St Neots. Thank you to our coaching team of Mrs Clyde and Justine Upham for an incredible job of preparing our pupils - real care and attention. Thank you again to the band of vocal parent supporters who encouraged and cheered all runners on. Enjoy the images from Iain Sainsbury - our expert resident sports photographer (and PTFA Chair) that capture the determination and cooperation.

KS2 Microadventure at Thetford Forest

Thursday 30th March 2017 - Curiosity, challenge and demonstrating our Values through a whole day exploring and enjoying the environment at Thetford Forest. Thank you to our volunteers: a special team of caring, responsible and motivated explorers! Amazing cooperation by all ages and incredible resilience and motivation when faced with challenges. staff planned a great range of learning opportunities supporting cross curricular learning. Enjoy the images - memories to savour!

When Amy met Ermonela (and asked her questions from our pupils - 2:12, 7:21 and 7:54!)

We asked the pupils attending our Schools Matinee to send us their questions for Ermonela Jaho, the world renowned opera singer. Amy Lane, head staff director at the Royal Opera House interviewed her and asked her their questions, finding out whether she gets lonely travelling the world and how many times she's been on stage!

'Ancient Greece' Pottery Gallery

Still image for this video
Pottery pieces created by Class 4 in December 2016. The children made the pots using air-drying clay. Once the clay was dry (after 4 days), they added their own Greek inspiration.

Christmas Concert

Wednesday 14th December 2016 - A wonderful opportunity for our talented musicians to share the music and singing skills they have been learning over the last few months. The confidence and motivation on display was impressive. Y6 pupils were responsible for hosting the event, looking after our guests with refreshments and guiding the to their seats. We are very fortunate to have such a caring and supportive community and this was a small way for us to say thank you at this time of year. See you all in 2017!

Cross Country Running - Y6 to Y3 at Wimpole Hall

Incredible resilience, motivation and responsibility shown by our amazing KS2 runners at the South Cambridgeshire Schools Sports Partnership run held for the second year at Wimpole Hall. In cold conditions, over uneven ground all pupils competed an completed the lengthy course. Given our small school 30% of our KS2 children took part - incredible participation in such an event. A special mention to the Year 3 and 4 children who were involved in a major running event for the first time. Such motivation shown to finish and take part. In all there were 1,000 runners taking part. We look forward to further events this year.

TAG Rugby Competition at Melbourn Village College

On a wet afternoon our squad showed incredible resilience, motivation and co-operation at the South Cambs Schools Sports Partnership event. The results and report can be found here. Thanks to Mitch for coaching and staff, parents for supporting and caring for the pupils. Finishing 3rd in Pool A was an incredible effort - well done all.

Linton Cluster Netball Competition - Round 1

An incredible display of motivation, cooperation and resilience by the netball squad as they played 6 matches on a cold afternoon. The A competition is perfectly poised for the second round in March 2017 with goal difference the only factor separating the teams. Great insight and coaching from Pat Kennedy - the squad were well prepared and showed amazing team spirit. Great responsibility shown from the Linton Village College Sports leaders. Caring shown by the parent supporters and impressive photographs from our PTFA Chair Iain Sainsbury. Training will resume in February 2017!!!

KS1 Trip to Cambridge University Botanic Garden

We were very lucky with the weather for our trip to the gardens, profiting from a glorious day of sunshine. The children had a brilliant time exploring the plant adaptations in the different glasshouse environments, and thinking about Maths in Nature as we wandered around the gardens. The grass maze was a firm favourite and a great way to work up our appetites for a picnic on the main lawn. We even managed a few rounds of Tai Chi! Thank you to all our parent helpers for your wonderful support. Visitors page on the Botanic Gardens website: here

PTFA Summer Fair 2016 - School of Rock!

Another amazing community event at Great Abington Primary School. Well done to Justine and the team for all the motivation, cooperation, resilience and caring on display. Thank you to the community for supporting the event despite the odd rain shower... Well done to the pupil Family Groups who planned, created and supported their own stalls - great fun and captured the School of Rock theme perfectly! Thank you to Jonathan Warren for the fantastic photos.

Whole School Art Project (Y6) - Specialist teaching from The Perse

Ready for Wimbledon!

Year 3 and 4 Tennis Tournament at Melbourn Village College sports centre (May 2016). A great performance by all Great Abington pupils. Thank you to all the staff and parents who supported the pupils throughout the event. Enjoy the great photos from Iain Sainsbury (PTFA Chair and parent). Further information on the event can be found on the South Cambridgeshire Sports Partnership website - click here.

Stow-Cum-Quy to Anglesey Abbey Microadventure. 

What a glorious day. We set off at 9:00 and arrived at 9:30. The walk along the lode was beautiful. There were cygnets, ducklings, butterflies and horses to name just a few. By mid-morning, we had our first view of Lode Mill - a perfect place to sketch. At 11am, we entered Anglesey Abbey, meeting up with an old friend and ex-pupil in the car park. We then walked throught the Winter Gardens and on to the mill, where we were treated to a demonstration about how flour was made. After some much-needed lunch, we headed to Hoe Fen for den building, taking in more of the fabulous grounds. Fantastic co-operation and team building in evidence. Many groups managed the challenge of making a suspended den. At the end, we had some fun in the new bales-of-hay play area.

Active Hours: 5.

Miles Walked: 6.

Calories Burned: 400-500. 

Sketches drawn: 100 approx. 

Dens made: 18.

Resilient children: 60 (100%).

Well done everyone. 


Stow-Cum-Quy to Anglesey Abbey Photos

Residential - Liddington Day 5

A selection of final day photo's downloaded below, together with some Group 2 photo's missing from Thursday.  Overall the trip this year has been highly successful.  All the children challenged themselves in their own way and witnessing the co-operation, resilience, caring and motivation of the children has been amazing; we're enormously proud of them all.  The journey home was uneventful apart from some traffic - and extremely quiet!

Activities Week for Year 4 and 5

Still image for this video
Short movie capturing some of the activities this week featuring the Year 4 and 5 children. They have made some fantastic river dioramas, been on a bug hunt and made dens in the local forest. Excellent co-operation and a lovely warm-up for Anglesey Abbey next week.

Residential - Liddington - Day 4

Our final whole day!  Goodness it's gone quickly and what a great time.  Still half a day tomorrow before travelling home after lunch. Today was as eventful as ever and photo's below give a taster!  Unfortunately, group 2's photo's are 'locked' inside a camera - the lead was lost to download onto the computer, so apologies to those children this affects; we'll search onsite for the lead and can always download from a the memory card later.  We had a rare, spare 10 minutes after dinner this evening, so a volunteer from each group offered to share their experiences before itching to run and help the rest build a campfire and cook marshmallows:


Natasha Group 1 - Our final whole day at PGL involved 4 activities; crate challenge, quad biking, fencing and rock climbing. To start off we began with a climbing wall, we were harnessed and had to ring a bell when we reached the top. The most challenging part about this activity was finding where to put your feet. Next, we moved on to fencing were we learnt how to use a foil and practiced our skills. After lunch we started quad biking where we had to steer around a track without crashing. The hardest part about this was making sure we steered accurately. Once we had finished that we began our final activity which was a crate challenge; we had to build a tower of crates whilst harnessed.

Kitty Group 2 - Today, first, my group did fencing. We faced three different opponents, and each of them had a different style. Second, we did climbing, and this was one of my highlights of the week. After lunch, we did crate challenge. My favourite part of this was floating in the air, while knocking the crates down. Last, but certainly not least, we did quad biking. This is my personal favourite and the thrill of racing round the track earned it the top spot.

Oscar Group 3 - Today my group took part in Survivor and my favourite part was when we were trying to build the dens, but we didn’t all agree about it so we ended up building two!  After that we did crate stacking – our highest 10 crates – the best part was kicking all the crates down.  After lunch we did open canoeing – the best activity on the water; followed by the climbing wall where I climbed all the way to the top even though I had some difficulties – I didn’t know I was afraid of heights!


Residential - Liddington - Day 3

Well rather a wet, busy and hectic day was had by all!  The weather held off mainly in the morning, but that didn't matter particularly as most got wet after a dunking in the lake (see below) and Survival Skills was held under the beauty of the dripping trees!  In the afternoon, all was shockingly sunny and the children dry - until a cloud burst, like a monsoon, poured over the children in the open canoes and those trying out the Giant Swing - those lucky fencing children, escaped!  Above all children were resilient, motivated and ... wet!  This evening they are having a quiet time playing robot wars - luckily inside.  Once again, a very peaceful night and I had to wake them all up at 7.15. I anticipate the same tonight! 

Activities Week (Year 4)

This week in Class 4, Year 4 children have been doing a bank of exciting activities, including:

  • Clay dioramas of a river;
  • Using our imagination to describe the school environment in a different way;
  • Bug hunts;
  • Building dens in the local woods.  


More photos to follow...

Residential - Liddington - Day 2

A fantastic day - not yet ended.  All 28 children enjoyed their activities and fantastic weather.  There's hardly any down-time at all; if we're not eating, we're running, jumping, laughing and challenging ourselves!  A visit to the shop allowed the children to buy some 'pick-me-ups'. All slept soundly last night - not a peep from anyone.  Tonight they'll sleep even deeper.  Looking forward to tomorrow - it will be somewhat damp, but with so many trees, you hardly notice.  Enjoy the selection of photo's.

Reception & Y1 Wandlebury Experience (being curious...)

Residential - Liddington Day 1 - All Settled In!

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