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British Museum Trip - May 2011

All the KS2 children filled two coaches for our visit to the Brisih Museum. It was a very busy day with a long journey to reach London, though we passed lots of landmarks on the way including the olympic village, the City of London, the "Gerkin", the Royal Courts of Justice and St Paul's cathedral.


At the museum we explored the Australian garden with its red soil and unfamiliar trees and flowers. We learned about Captain Cook and the discovery of Australia with the botanist Joseph Banks who brought so many new plants back to England. We saw the mangrove-wood aboriginal shield brought from Botany Bay and some original boomerangs too.


While at the museum we had time to look at some other galleries. We saw some Maori artifacts from New Zealand and a huge Easter Island stone head. There was time for a quick visit to the Egyptian galleries to see the mummies and some of us saw the Parthenon gallery with the famous marbles and some beautiful stone relief carvings from ancient Assyria.


As next term we will be studying Africa we also spent some time looking at African artifacts like the Benin bronzes from Nigeria and the Tree of Life sculpture made from decomissioned weapons as part of the drive to persuade people to give up arms in exchange for tools after the civil war in Mozambique.


These photos willl show you some of the things we saw at the museum.